Noelle’s Story

I went into hospital for a routine operation on my foot on Friday.  I was on crutches and due back to the doctor on the Monday.  Over the weekend, I developed a pain in my left arm which I put down to using crutches.  On Monday, the pain was getting worse and I realised that there was a redness in my arm…. I still didn’t think too much of it.  I had an appointment with the consultant as planned on the Monday and at the end of the consultation, I mentioned the pain in my arm.  I will never forget the look on the consultant’s face as he turned to me to stay where I was as he was admitting me to hospital straight away and that I had a thrombosis and it could kill me if it wasn’t treated immediately.  I am so grateful that I had the consultant appointment on the Monday as I wasn’t aware of the impact of blood clots and wouldn’t have gone to the doctor to get it checked otherwise.  Who knows what that would have meant for me……..

I am fine now, I lived to tell my story but I am very aware of the signs of a blood clot and the importance of getting medical attention fast If I suspect one.