Gerry’s Story

Here is a brief story about my 3 instances of pulmonary emboli.

  1. 1985 Dec. Drove to LA from San Francisco , 5.5 hours car journey and did not stop for a break, foolishly.
    Returned a few days later in the same manner. A short time after I was diagnosed with multiple small emboli in my lungs. I was in hospital for a week on heparin injections, and then 6 months on warfarin.
  2. 2003 September. Flew from Sydney to Dublin and back within 5 days. About 7 weeks later, without any warning massive DVT in my right leg led to a large clot in my right.
    Could not breathe by the time the ambulance got me to Vincent’s hospital and was close to death. Miraculously I survived. Hospital for 10 days, usual treatment.
  3. 2008 March Dublin. Left kidney cancer and a clot formed on the tumor. This led to multiple pulmonary emboli. I was then put on heparin. I Survived and then I survived the full removal of my left kidney on 18th June 2008.

I was put on warfarin for life then I changed to Pradaxa under Dr. Niamh O.Connell James hospital 2016.

So that’s my CLOT story. I feel very lucky to be alive. My advice is to contact Thrombosis Ireland for your Blood Clot Alert Card and familiarize yourself with the risks, the signs and why you should act fast if you suspect a blood clot. Learn about it because I now know that blood clots are potentially fatal but are preventable in some cases.