Eddie’s Story

In February 2016 I went to hospital. I was not in a good way. My breathing was very bad, and my right calf was very swollen. I met with a doctor, and he did a test and found a blood clot in my right calf and a clot in each lung. They said that I suffered a mini heart attack too. At this stage I did not know what a blood clot was. The doctor said that clots were very serious, and they needed to inject me with a blood thinner to stop the clots travelling. I spent two weeks in hospital recuperating and having more tests.

When I left hospital, I had to attend every day to check my blood INR for two weeks because I was prescribed Warfarin. But, I was then changed to a DOAC which made it easier to get back to normal as I didn’t need any more blood tests.

In December 2016 I had a bad pain in my chest for two weeks and it wouldn’t go away. I said to my wife that I think I have a blood clot because the pain was unbearable. I went back to hospital and had some tests. They found a blood clot below my heart. I Stayed in St. Vincent’s Hospital for a week and had more tests.

Six years have passed, taking my meds correctly, enjoying life with my family and friends ❤️ But in June 2022 I got another clot to my right calf. This was happened because I ended up getting Cellulitis on my right leg which made it swell. For me, I’m still here fighting to live by best life. I love my life and I am lucky to have a great family that support me all the way.