Patrick’s Story

Hi, my name is Patrick Byrne and I am delighted to be able to say that I am a survivor of
multiple DVTs.
In October of 2012, a few days after losing a county final in Wicklow I began to get a
burning feeling in my knee. Thinking that it may have been as a result of the match I chose
to ignore it. Over the next few days the burning pain began to move up my groin and
ultimately I went to my local GP who advised that it was a muscular injury, however a few
days later I went to the local hospital to get a scan where it was confirmed that I had a
DVT. Given that there was none of the usual contributing factors in my case i.e. long haul
flights, surgeries, and given my age I was advised that this shouldn’t happen again. So
after 12 weeks of taking Xarelto I returned to inter-county football with Wicklow and
didn’t have to take any further daily medication.
2 years later while on a trip to Paris, I began to feel a burning pain in my groin again. Once
I got home I went straight to the hospital and a DVT was located just under my left lung.
Upon further tests it was discovered that I had Factor V Leiden, given that I had 2 DVTs in
two years and given my blood genetics it was advised that I remain on daily blood
At that stage I thought the worst of what I would no longer be able to do in my daily life. I
was lucky that I was patient of Dr. Ni hAinle in the Mater and after a consultation with her
I started taking Eliquis, a form of Apixaban. I have to take 2 doses a day but I can vary
these doses in order to allow me to continue to play contact sport.
I am glad to say that 6 months later I was able to play again Laois in the Leinster Senior
Championship while being an active user of Eliquis.
In summary, I am very lucky that I was able to catch the DVTs before any permanent
damage occurred and very lucky that even though I am on daily medication it has very
little impact on my day to day living.
My advice would be that know the signs of a blood clot and if in any doubt go to your local
hospital and get an ultrasound scan.

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