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VTE Exemplar Awards 2022

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VTE Dublin 2022

6th -7th October 2022

International Conference & National Patient Event

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RBR Charity for 2020

At RBR Active™ we are incredibly proud to name Thrombosis Ireland as our dedicated charity for 2020. The work that Thrombosis Ireland have undertaken over the past few years has been nothing but monumental. In 2019 the charity ran the “Stop the Clot” roadshow, taking a wonderful double decker Road Master bus around Ireland, and holding awareness meetings, Q&A sessions and actively engaging with both medical professionals as well as patients and their families. As they toured round Ireland, turning up at hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, Gaelic football stadiums and market squares, they were met with such superb support and encouragement.

In 2020 RBR Active™ are proud to make Thrombosis Ireland the charity we’re supporting. As a result, a percentage of all sales from the RBR Legflow™ will be donated directly to the charity. This will support their on-going work as a leading Thrombosis charity.

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Thrombosis Ireland aims to enable all people on anticoagulation therapy like Warfarin, Rivaroxaban, Apixaban, Dabigatran, and Edoxaban, to live the best possible lives.




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